Brad M. Watts

Mr. Watts has been in the ADR industry since 2001. He served as Director of Operations for the mediation and arbitration company of Perry, Dampf, Watts and Associates until 2007 and has assumed the same role as well as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for APAM. Prior to his experience in the ADR industry, Mr. Watts spent 10 years in advertising, marketing and promotion for several large Louisiana Companies including Lamar Advertising based in Baton Rouge. In addition, Mr. Watts is a registered lobbyist in the state of Louisiana and active political consultant and fundraiser.

Mr. Watts serves APAM in a variety of sales, marketing and operations functions. He has created and maintained all processes and systems necessary to service the legal and insurance industries with high quality, cost effective and successful ADR products. In addition to serving the traditional mediation and arbitration market, Mr. Watts also developed business relationships with non-traditional users of ADR and developed a series of training seminars to educate new users on the benefits of ADR.

Mr. Watts is also responsible for recruiting and maintaining APAM’s professional mediation and arbitration panel. Part of APAM’s mission is to provide our clients the most experienced and best legal minds in their respective areas of expertise.