Small Business Solutions

In today’s highly competitive business environment, a company’s ability to minimize legal costs weighs heavily on its ability to maximize profit. Lawyer’s fees, court costs, defending frivolous lawsuits, and the constant dealing with unreasonable customers and clients have become all too common in today’s business climate. APAM offers a breakthrough product that, if used properly, can eliminate the need for trial attorneys, protect you and your company from lawsuits, protect your company’s privacy and reputation, and expedite the resolution of any dispute that may arise out of conducting everyday business.

The product is simple. By inserting APAM’s copyrighted language into your sales, lease, construction, employment, partnership, banking, health care, general insurance, warranty, service and other contracts, you will protect your company from the high costs of legal disputes and come to a quick resolution in the process.

For a minimal yearly fee APAM can provide your business with the following:

  • A review of your existing contracts by APAM arbitration contract experts to be certain disputes are arbitrated instead of litigated.
  • A customized arbitration clause that provides the exact protection your company needs.
  • A unique process of protecting your company from class actions.*
  • A unique process for avoiding almost ALL future litigation.**
  • Expert arbitrators to render fair and quick decisions.
  • Predictably lower costs.

* The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in April 2011 that arbitration clauses can stop class actions

** Except litigation involving (i) claims that the customer was defrauded into entering into a contract, (ii) enforcing the arbitration award against the customer (if necessary), or (iii) claims that the arbitrator’s award was improper or that the arbitrator refused to follow the law.


Once your company has had a thorough review of its existing contracts and inserted APAM language into those contracts, you have gone a long way in alleviating the burden of any future litigation. Should a dispute arise out of any of your signed contracts, the parties, by virtue of APAM contract language, have waived their right to resolve their disputes through litigation. This means that any dispute will be resolved via arbitration during what is normally a very short process that may last only a few hours.

The benefits of using the APAM plan are:

  • Limited need for attorneys  A representative, manager or owner of a company can defend the claim on behalf of the business.
  • Predictable costs  Your yearly fee and one time filing fee cover ALL of the expense of the arbitration hearing.
  • Privacy Court  records are public, arbitration records are private.
  • Quick decisions  Arbitration hearings normally last anywhere from a few hours to a day. Claims often settle before or at the arbitration hearing.
  • Arbitration prevents frivolous claims  Claimants think twice about demanding arbitration unless they have a basis for their claim.
  • Arbitration at times is deterrent to any action at all  That’s right. Many times without the option of a jury trial, a claimant simply walks away from a dispute.

APAM offers a way for you to recover your costs and/or recover costs using the plan. Ask your APAM representative about this option.


APAM can provide all of these products for a minimal yearly subscription fee plus a onetime filing fee for any arbitration hearing. Before you make up your

  • How much did you spend on attorney’s fees last year?
  • How much time did you waste on defending frivolous lawsuits?
  • Are you currently paying an attorney a monthly retainer?
  • Do you want a way to minimize your risk and insure that you will seldom go to court again to defend against a consumer’s complaint?
  • How would you like a process that is confidential and protects your company’s privacy and reputation?